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2016...A New Era of Affordable International Flights Takes Off

While domestic air travel in the US has seen airline mergers, less flights, crowded planes, higher prices and everlasting fees, international travel to/from the US has become very consumer friendly. In fact, the next few years could usher in a new era of affordable global travel. Here are some of the latest trends:

Low-Fare Trans-Atlantic International Airlines Emerge

While the US air carriers are trying to fight the insurgence of low-fare international carriers, the two airlines that have made it to the US are having success. You will pay extra to check a bag, choose your seat, and for meals, but when you see the prices, that may not bother you. These airlines are also great for one-way tickets as the major international airlines charge a huge premium for them especially during peak travel seasons.


  • US Airports include BOS, BWI, FLL, JFK, LAS, LAX, MCO, OAK

  • I found a one-way ticket from LA (LAX) to London, UK (LGW) on April 1 for $443.90


  • US Airports include BOS, BWI, LAX, SFO

  • I found a one-way ticket from Baltimore (BWI) to Reykjavik, Iceland (KEF) on April 1 for $319.00

International Carriers Offer Great Deals

Developing and smaller countries are trying to compete with the major international carriers by offering travel from the US to a multitude of international destinations. Deals have been so good that many larger international carriers have lowered their prices to compete. Do your research though as some smaller international carriers are not worth the lower price in terms of in-flight experience or fly through undesirable destinations.

Turkish Airlines

  • US Airports include ATL, BOS, EWR, IAD, IAH, JFK, LAX, MIA, ORD, SFO

  • I found a round-trip ticket from New York City (JFK) to Mumbai, India departing April 1 and returning April 8 for $689.51.


  • US Airports include ANC, BOS, DEN, EWR, IAD, JFK, MCO, MSP, ORD, PDX, SEA

  • Icelandair offers free stopovers in Iceland for up to seven days to tour the country en route to over 20 other European destinations.

New Options in International Business Class

La Compagnie is a new international airline where their Boeing 757’s have only 74 seats and the entire cabin is business class. They currently fly from Newark (EWR) to both London, UK (Luton-LTN) and Paris, France (CDG).

La Compagnie

  • I found a round-trip ticket from Newark (EWR) to London, UK (LTN) departing April 1 and returning April 8 for $1,295.46. Again, this is for a business class flight.

  • The cheapest business class round-trip ticket I found on the same dates and cities was on Icelandair and you’d have to stop in Reykjavik for $2,190.75.

  • The cheapest coach ticket I found on the same dates was on United, non-stop from EWR to LHR for $873.07. It might be worth it for some travelers to pay the extra $211.20 each way for the comforts of business class.

  • You don't have to live in Newark to take advantage. Amtrak stops at (EWR) from major cities in the northeast US corridor including Washington DC, Baltimore, Philadelphia, and New York City. Even if you drive, long-term parking at Newark Airport can be as low as $8/day.

Other International Flight Notes

  • You may find a lot of international airlines you’ve never heard of in your searches. SKYTRAX is a good website where you can read reviews of passenger experiences to make sure you feel comfortable with your airline choice.

  • If you are planning to cash in miles with any of the US domestic carriers to travel internationally this year, it’s best to do so ASAP. Many travel experts have predicted that the airlines will increase redemption rates by mid-year. Some airlines have already done so.

  • Make wise decisions when using your points and miles to get the best value. For example, don’t spend 25,000 miles on a domestic round-trip ticket that would have cost you $350 (spending 71 miles per dollar). Use 50,000 miles on a international round-trip ticket that would have cost $1,500 (spending 33 miles per dollar).

  • Travel off-peak both in terms of season and day of the week if possible to get the best international airfares.

  • Check both non-stop and one-stop flights as either could be cheaper and also look at alternate airport options if available.

  • If you want to earn miles with your preferred airline when flying internationally, make sure you know their partner airlines or what alliance they may belong to. For example, if you regularly earn miles and fly United, you could fly Turkish Airlines and earn United miles as they are both in the Star Alliance. This allows you to book the cheapest ticket, and still earn miles with your preferred airline.

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