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Below is access to resources to ease your travel planning and help you along the way!

Travel Planning

Visit this website to know the recommended vaccinations needed when traveling to international destinations.

Use this site to learn about and register for Global Entry for expedited access when returning back to the US from traveling abroad. Information is included for other entry and security programs.

The Department of State has a great website dedicated to international travel. Use this site to apply for a passport, learn about your destination, view alerts and warning, and know if you need a visa.

Access the websites of all of the US embassies and consulates worldwide if you encounter any issues during your travel.

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Seat Guru gives you the opportunity to look at your flight and find the best rated seats on the plane. It also includes passenger pictures and reviews.

Check time zones, weather, world holidays, and other info for the destinations you are traveling.

Probably the most popular review site for all things travel. A great place to do research before you reach out to a travel agent to book.

Keep this website handy as you look at international travel. You may need to do some currency conversions to know the actual cost.

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